Meet our Most Notorious Residents!

Who is that little ball of fluff..?





      Frustrated model and shop mascot. Kitkat came to us as a young rescued kitty who hid in the wall of the studio for the first week… but not for long. Over the years he has made himself quite at home at Cherrylion, tangling with raccoons, greeting students, commenting on their work and mooching treats and attention at every turn. If he is not joining the model on the stand during sessions he is trying to drive the forklift.


       In the image on the right we have Kitkat joining one of our students, Michelle Bernstein, in the creation of her piece. Kitkat truly is one of the unsung instructors we have here at Cherrylion. 


Anything is paws-ible with a dog by your side.





      Second in command is Marty’s loving white lab Kalki waiting for students to arrive to throw her ball with an exuberant tail wag. If she is not checking out tool boxes she is watching all the creativity from a far.

       While this image depicts a sleepy pup, dont be fooled. Our Kalki is high wire and full of energy! This jealous natured girl will always appreciate your undivided attention. 

    Both are delightful addition to the wonderful environment here at the studio and knows how to work a crowd.

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