Sculpture Portfolio – Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA

At Cherrylion Studios, body language is our native tongue. Whether it’s a bronze bas-relief, memorial, or life-size statue, we strive to create custom sculptures that embody not just the likeness of their subject—but their personality. If you’re interested in commissioning a custom bronze sculpture in Atlanta, GA, we invite you to view our sculpture portfolio to sample the fine art pieces we’ve created.




Rosa Parks, Georgia Tech

Interactive sculpture, Bronze, Granite, 2018.

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Landing Gear, Terminus

12′ tall, stainless steel, Atlanta, Georgia 2008.

Bronze Sculpture in Istanbul, Turkey

Lavinia, Raffles Hotel

22′ long, bronze, Istanbul, Turkey 2013.

Martin Luther King Sculpture in Atlanta, GA by Cherrylion Studios

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

8′ tall, bronze, Atlanta, Georgia State Capitol 2017.

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Bull Rusted, Atlanta, GA

5′ wide, rusted metal composite.

Custom Sculpture at Children's Museum of Atlanta, GA


12′ tall, HDPE, Children’s Museum of Atlanta, Georgia 2015.

Bronze Sculpture at The Galloway School in Atlanta, Georgia

Elliott’s Circle

Bronze and GFRC, Galloway School, Georgia 2009.

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World Athlete's Monument - Bronze Sculpture in Atlanta, Georgia

World Athlete’s Monument

8′ tall, bronze atlas figures on a 43” limestone base, Atlanta, Georgia 1996. Commissioned by the Prince of Wales Foundation for Architecture.

Bronze Sculpture in Chattahoochee Hills, GA

After Kibran

7′ tall, bronze, Serenbe, Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia 2015.

Dogwood Bench in Piedmont Park - Bronze Sculpture in Atlanta, GA

Dogwood Bench

Bronze, Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia 2016.

Bronze Sculpture in Duluth, Georgia

Duluth Living Honorarium

15′ tall, bronze and GFRC, Duluth, Georgia 2011.

Bronze Sculptures in Raleigh, NC


13 – 4′, bronze composite figures, MetLife IT Campus, Raleigh North Carolina 2014.

Aluminum Composite Sculptures in Atlanta, Georgia

Seeds of Change Figures

Life-size, aluminum composite, Atlanta, Georgia 2004. Commissioned by the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation.

Bronze Sculpture



Life-size bronze, private client 2022.

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Relief Sculpture in Atlanta, GA


158 colorful reliefs arranged in an abstract pattern on the west wall. On the east wall the same reliefs come together to form two 22″ dancing figures of children. Fulton County Juvenile Court Facility, Atlanta, Georgia 2002. Commissioned as a part of the Fulton County Arts Council’s Art in Public Places.

Aluminum Composite Sculpture in Alpharetta, GA

Avalon I

24′ tall on a 10′ base, aluminum composite, Alpharetta, Georgia 2012.

Custom Sculpture in Alpharetta, Georgia

Avalon II

15′ tall on a 8′ base, aluminum composite, Alpharetta, Georgia 2013.

Foam Relief Sculpture in Orlando, Florida


43′ long, carved foam relief, Orlando, Florida 2015.

Starbucks Disney

12 stations of the bean, marble composite, French quarter, New Orleans 2014.

Marble Sculpture in New Orleans, LA


12′ x 12′ x 8′ public interactive sculpture, GFRC, Clayton State College, Morrow, Georgia. Commission was a collaborative project with the students of the Clayton State Art Department, 1996.

Interactive Sculpture at Clayton State College in Morrow, GA

Pied Notation

Copper composite and polymers, 10×13 feet. The piece features a Pied Piper-like figure, sculpted by Martin while he was Artist in Residence at Clayton State.


Mars Dogs & Cats

Bronze composite, Franklin TN 2020.

Copper Composite Sculpture Relief in Morrow, Georgia

Angels with Apostle’s Creed

10′ x 12′, marble composite, Beeson School of Divinity Chapel Samford University Birmingham, Alabama 1994.

Life-Size Bronze Sculpture in Tallulah Falls, Georgia

A Light in the Mountains

Life-size, bronze composite, on a base of Tennessee fieldstone, Tallulah Falls, Georgia 2001.

Sculptural Installation at Atlanta Community Food Bank in Atlanta, GA


Three sets of tables and chairs covered with pigmented translucent reliefs imbedded with donor recognition plates, Atlanta Community Food Bank, Atlanta, Georgia 2005.

Sculptural Fountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Coolidge Park Carousel Fountain

Eight 8′ tall animals, cast stone, Chattanooga, Tennessee 1998.

Fountain Sculpture in Atlanta, Georgia

Fountain of the Seven Continents – Cityview

Seven cast stone sculptures representing the seven continents, limestone composite, Atlanta, Georgia 2000.

Mary Magdalene

Bronze, All Saints Church, Atlanta 2018.

Bronze Fountain Sculpture in Huntsville, AL

Smith Swan Fountain

Dimensions vary, bronze composite, Private Residence, Huntsville, Alabama 1998.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Sculpture in Pine Mountain, GA

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Life-size, bronze, Roosevelt Sate Park, Pine Mountain, Georgia 2006.

Michael C. Carlos Sculpture in College Park, GA

Michael C. Carlos

Life-size, bronze portrait, Woodward Academy, College Park, Georgia 2005.

Life-Size Bronze Sculpture in Atlanta, Georgia

Hal Barry and Grandson

Life-size, bronze, commissioned as a gift from the friends of Hal Barry, Atlanta Georgia, 2006.

Bronze Bust Sculpture in Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Charles R. Drew

Portrait bust, 2x life-size, bronze, Drew Charter School, Georgia, 2015.

Bronze Sculpture in Lawrenceville, GA

John Wesley

8′ tall, bronze, 12 Stone Church, Lawrenceville, Georgia, 2013.

Bronze Portrait in Atlanta, Georgia

George Mengret

Half life-size portrait, bronze composite, Pace Academy Atlanta, Georgia, 2015.

Sculptural Bust at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA

Pete Petit

Life-size portrait bust, bronze, Georgia Tech, 2015.

Georgetown Prep

Detail shot, 9’ x 5’ bronze reliefs, DC 2022.

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Georgetown Prep

9’ x 5’ bronze reliefs, DC 2022.

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Bronze Sculpture of Abraham Lincoln in Atlanta, GA

President Lincoln

Study 21’, bronze, property of artist, 2006.

Arthur Blank Sculpture in Sea Island, Georgia

Arthur M. Blank – Lining up the Putt

16’ tall, bronze, Sea Island, Georgia, 2005.

Governor Joe Frank Harris Sculpture in Perry, GA

Governor Joe Frank Harris

Portrait bust, bronze, Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry, GA.

Bronze Portrait in Atlanta, Georgia

Coach Maloof

Over life-size, bronze portrait of the St Pius High School coach, entrance to the school stadium, Atlanta, GA, 2007.

Bronze Sculptures in Private Residence

Blank Twins

Life-size, bronze, private residence, 2009.

Six Civil Rights Leaders

Life-size bronze, Talladega College 2023.

Bronze Sculpture in Decatur, Georgia

Lewis Fish

Life-size, bronze, Medlock Park, Decatur, Georgia 2009.

Danny Green Bas-Relief in Atlanta, GA

Danny Green Bas Relief

Bas relief portrait in memory of Danny Green by the Wesley foundation, bronze composite, Georgia Tech, 2003.

Homer Rice Bas Relief in Atlanta, GA

Homer Rice Bas Relief

Bas portrait, bronze, Georgia Tech Athletic Department, 1998.

Bas Relief at Emory University in Atlanta, GA

Howard O. Hunter Recognition Wall

Bas relief, aluminum composite, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, 2003.

Bas Relief in Private Residence

Campbell Children

Bas relief, bronze composite, private residence, 1998.

Marble Sculpture in Atlanta, Georgia

Amber Glavine

Life-size, Marble composite, private residence, 2000.

Bronze Sculptural Busts in Atlanta, GA

Grice Boys

Life-size, bronze composite, private residence, 2000.

Clay Sculptures in Atlanta, Georgia

Adam’s Girls

Life-size portrait, fired clay with encaustic, private residence, 1992.

Bronze Sculpture at the Carter Center Garden in Atlanta, GA


Life-size, bronze, Carter Center Rose Garden, Atlanta, GA 2007. Commissioned by Mrs. J.B. Fuqua in memory of her husband.

Life-Size Bronze Composite Sculpture in Private Residence

Bank’s Gal

2/3 Life-size, bronze composite, private residence, 2016.

Buckhead Baseball Sculpture in Atlanta, GA

Buckhead Baseball

Life-size, bronze, Atlanta, Georgia 2000.

Life-Size Figurative Sculpture in Atlanta, GA


Half life-size figure, bronze, All Saints Church, Atlanta, Georgia 1991.

Religious Sculpture in Atlanta, Georgia


2/3 life-size, iron composite, St Ignatius, Atlanta, Georgia 2012.

Clay Sculpture-in-Progress in Atlanta, Georgia

Clay original in process

Governor James M. Cox - Bronze Sculpture in Atlanta, GA

Governor Cox, Cox Enterprise

Seven Deadly Sins in Progress

4’ x 4’ bronze reliefs, Nashville, TN 2023.

Seven Deadly Sins

4’ x 4’ bronze reliefs, Nashville, TN 2023.

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Bronze Sculpture in Sandy Springs, GA


Life-size, bronze, Arlington Cemetery, Sandy Springs, Georgia 2010.

Life-Size Bronze Sculptures in Sandy Springs, Georgia


Life-size, bronze, Arlington Cemetery, Sandy Springs, Georgia 2010.

Bronze Sculpture at Arlington Cemetery in Sandy Springs, GA


Life-size, bronze, Arlington Cemetery, Sandy Springs, Georgia 2010.

Bronze Sculpture in Sandy Springs, GA

5 Life-size bronze figures

Polished bronze, private residence, Atlanta GA.

Bronze Sculpture in Alpharetta, Georgia

Friendship Ring

15-20 Life-size children, bronze composite, Alpharetta, Georgia 2007.

Bronze Sculptures in Texas


Over life-size, bronze composite, Texas 2008.

Traveler Mascot

University of Southern California/ USC Trophy, bronze 2021.

Cast Bronze Sculpture in Atlanta, GA


22″ tall (varies in size), bronze, limited addition cast available, 2011.

Plaster Sculptures in Atlanta, GA

Direct Plaster 1

Life-size, plaster, private residence, 2014.

Direct Plaster Sculptures in Atlanta, Georgia

Direct Plaster 2

Half life-size, plaster, private residence, 2014.

Bronze Composite Sculpture in Atlanta, GA


Commissioned enlargement of the Nina Stirato for a bank’s courtyard, 7′ tall, bronze composite, Atlanta, Georgia 2006.

Polymer Sculpture in Atlanta, GA

Nina at Bluemed

A cast of the 7′ Nina in translucent polymers. Light inside. Blue Med Spa, Atlanta, Georgia 2005.

Figurative Sculptures in Atlanta, GA

Reclining Female

Bronze composite, private residence, Atlanta, Georgia, 2001.

Aluminum Composite Sculpture in Atlanta, Georgia

Landing Gear 1

Life-size, aluminum composite, Atlanta, Georgia 2005.

Figurative Sculpture in Atlanta, GA

Lean Man

Figure study, fired clay with encaustic, private collection, 2005.

Nickel Silver Composite Sculpture in Atlanta, GA


Half life-size, nickel silver composite, Post Properties Atlanta GA 2001.

Cast Stone, Resin, and Metal Composite Sculptures in Atlanta, GA

The Speranza Figures

Variation of the Stirato series and available in a limited edition of cast stone, translucent resin and metal composites, 2006.

Figurative Bronze Sculptures in Georgia

Gandy Figures

Part of a series of figures, bronze, private residence, Georgia 1997.

Polished Bronze Trophy in Atlanta, GA


Polished bronze figure, Atlanta, GA, 1983.

Marble Sculptures in Peachtree City, GA


Half Life-size, marble composite, private residence in Peachtree City, Georgia 1999.

Life-Size Bronze Composite Statue in Atlanta, GA

Gal at Font

Life-size, bronze composite, private residence Atlanta, GA 1992.

Marble Sculpture at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA

Fazzari Monument

Half life-size, marble composite, Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta Georgia 2006.

Polymer Relief Sculpture in Georgia

Free Fall Landscape

50 12’x12’, reliefs, pigmented polymer, 2011.

Stainless Steel Sculptures in Atlanta, GA


4’x7′, stainless steel, private residence, 2015.

Pigmented Polymer Sculptures in Atlanta, GA


4’x4′, pigmented polymer, private residence, 2012.

Relief Sculpture in Morrow, Georgia


Relief sculpture, cast in nickel silver, Clayton College & State University, Morrow, GA 1999.

Fired Clay Sculptures in Georgia

Stowe Reliefs

14″x20″, Fired clay with encaustic, private residence, 1989.

Marble Sculpture Relief at Emory University in Atlanta, GA


9″, square reliefs, marble composite, Winship Cancer Center, Emory, 2005.

Copper Relief Sculpture in Charleston, SC

Full House

36”x50″, copper composite, private residence, Charleston SC, 1997.

Sculptural Relief in Atlanta, GA

Skyland Trail Relief

7″x5″, aluminum composite, Skyland Trail Mental Health Center, Atlanta GA 2005.

Limestone Portraits in Macon, Georgia

Composer Portrait Medallions

Ten 6′ diameter portrait medallions of famous composers, limestone composite, Mercer Music Building, Macon, GA 2001.

Bronze Relief Sculptures in Florida

Horse and Jockey Relief

5″ square, bronze composite, Florida, 2006.

Bas Relief Sculpture in Yorba Linda, California

East Room Reliefs from the White House

Six 36″x28″ diameter, reliefs, Nixon Library, California, 2004.

Copper Composite Sculpture in Atlanta, Georgia

Seeds of Change Medallion

36′ diameter, Copper composite, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, Atlanta. Georgia 2004.

Wildlife Sculpture at Emory University in Atlanta, GA

Emory Eagle

8′ wingspan mounted on an 18′ pedestal, bronze composite, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 2003.

Falcon Sculpture at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA

Falcon GA Dome Owner’s Club

Twice life-size, Aluminum composite, Georgia Dome Owner’s Club Falcon, Atlanta, GA 2005.

Lion Sculpture at Evander Holyfield Residence in Fairburn, GA

Holyfield Lions

Life-size, bronze torchieres, Evander Holyfield Residence, Fairburn, GA 1998.

Sculpture in Oman

Crouching Lion

Life-size, bronze composite, Oman, 1998.

Wildlife Sculpture in Lemoore, California

Red Thunder Eagle

60″ tall, bronze composite, Palace Indian Reservation, Lemoore, California 2000.

Dog Sculptures in Atlanta, Georgia

Tarver Schnauser

Life-size, bronze, donated to the Atlanta Speech & Hearing School in 2003 by Mrs. Margret Tarver in memory of her husband, Jack.

Bronze Memorials, Bas-Reliefs, Figurative Sculptures, and More

In over 25 years as a professional sculpture studio in Atlanta, GA, Cherrylion has created a breadth of custom sculptures for a variety of clients and settings. Want to honor a lost loved one or hometown hero? Our bronze memorials are a great way to commemorate the dearly departed. Looking to commission a life-size sculpture of a famous historical figure? We’ve created such sculptures depicting prominent people ranging from Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks to Arthur Blank and Franklin D. Roosevelt. No matter what you’re envisioning for your custom sculpture, Cherrylion Studios will sculpt a piece we can both be proud of. With your blessing, it could even end up on this page one day!

Cherrylion Studios Makes Sure Our Creative Process Works For You

Commissioning a custom bronze sculpture isn’t akin to assigning homework to a professional artist—it marks the formation of a partnership between the client and sculptor. Cherrylion Studios will work tirelessly throughout the commission processes to ensure you get a fine art piece that lives up to the loftiest expectations.

An Experienced Professional Sculptor in Atlanta, GA

Our head sculptor, Martin Dawe, has over 40 years of experience working on commission as a professional artist, so you can count on him to manifest your masterpiece. Over those 4 decades, Dawe has refined his creative process to a science. Cherrylion Studios strives to make our clients’ experience as collaborative and worry-free as possible. Learn more about the process of commissioning a custom bronze sculpture below.

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Commission a Custom Bronze Sculpture Anywhere in the United State

Cherrylion Studios is nestled in the heart of Atlanta, but our fine art footprint extends well beyond Georgia’s borders. We’ve created custom sculptures for clients in New Orleans, LA; Chattanooga, TN; Orlando, FL; and are always eager to place our sculptures in new area codes. Whether it’s a private residence in California or a municipal building in Virginia, Cherrylion is more than happy to bring your bronze sculpture to life. We’ll still handle all aspects of your sculpture’s construction—from design to installation—as if it were in our own backyard.

Contact Cherrylion Studios to Commission Your Addition to Our Portfolio

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, we’d like to think a sculpture tells a priceless story. We hope you’ve enjoyed viewing our sculpture portfolio and encourage you to commission your own custom bronze sculpture. Cherrylion sees each new commission as an opportunity to expand our horizons and create a one-of-a-kind work of art that wouldn’t exist without the vision of our clients. Contact Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA today to get the ball of clay rolling toward a brand-new bronze sculpture!

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