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Marty finishing full-sized clay…

Marty finishing up the full-size clay before it goes to the foundry to be made in bronze…



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Watch this time-lapse video of Martin Dawe hard at work on the Galloway School commission…


Commission a Portrait

bronze portraitimage needed here

Wish to commission your own bronze portrait? Check out the facinating process right here…




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CherryLion Studios, the largest custom sculpture studio in Atlanta Georgia, specializes in fine art sculpture commissions for public, corporate and private collectors. Over the past 28 years, the studio has produced hundreds of commissions including more than 30 large scale public art installations. Martin Dawe and his apprentices provided strong expertise in concept, design, sculpting, mold making, casting, and implementation. From over-life sized bronze figures to intimate impressionistic bas reliefs, Cherrylion has built a reputation for quality and innovation.



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The classes are taught in a professional sculpture studio in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. A live model is provided in an open-studio format and instruction is given in clay sculpture techniques and proportion as students are taught how to ‘see’ three-dimensionally.  Individualized instruction is unique to each student and all levels are welcome. Martin Dawe has 34 years of experience as a sculptor and is know for his numerous sculptures around Atlanta.


Sculpture classes

Classes are held at the Cherrylion
Studio in Atlanta

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Call 404.350.4040 or register online below...

major credit cards accepted


sculpture classes at cherrylion

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art shows



Art Shows Hosted by the Gallery at Cherrylion


MFA Thesis Exhibition





Photography by Jenny Bell







sculptures atlanta


on request


sculptures atlanta

Winship reliefs

on request


sculptures atlanta

Reclining female



sculptures atlanta




sculptures atlanta




sculptures atlanta


on request

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