Hospitality Sculptures in Atlanta, Georgia

Hospitality Sculptures in Atlanta, Georgia

Your hotel lobby is more than a place where your guests check in—it’s the cover of your novel, the marquee of your musical, the first impression that lets people know they’re in for a spectacular stay. A hospitality sculpture is the perfect way to give your hotel a welcoming wow factor for your guests. Contact Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA to commission your hospitality sculpture today, or read more below to learn about the types of hotel artwork we provide.

A Work of Art for Any Wall

Cherrylion Studios can create custom hospitality sculptures tailor-made for your hotel lobby in Atlanta. Want a regal bronze wildlife sculpture to impress your guests? Maybe an understated wall sculpture to blend in behind your front desk? We have a breadth of experience creating different hospitality pieces, including free-standing bronze statues, metal composite wall sculptures, and fiberglass installations.


No matter the setting, a hospitality sculpture from Cherrylion Studios will set the tone for your guests’ stay and make them feel at home in your hotel.

As Easy as Ordering Room Service

With over forty years of experience working as a commissioned artist, our head sculptor, Martin Dawe, is a master at making the creative process as easy as possible.


When you commission a custom sculpture from Cherrylion Studios, you’re not simply signing on the dotted line and hoping a masterpiece arrives by the deadline. We value your input and will work with you every step of the way to guarantee you get a hospitality sculpture that delights you, your employees, and your guests daily.

How Your Hospitality Sculpture Lands in the Lobby

Cherrylion Studios has forged our reputation by adhering to the deadline and budget of the particular piece. Once you’re ready to commission your hospitality sculpture, we’ll meet with you or schedule a phone conference to get an idea of exactly the kind of piece you’re envisioning.


After you approve our initial sketches, we’ll move forward with construction, making sure your artistic vision is being manifested with each ounce of clay. From design to casting and installation, Cherrylion Studios will handle every detail of your Atlanta hospitality sculpture to ensure you’re floored by the final product.

Contact Cherrylion Studios to Commission Your Atlanta Hospitality Sculpture

Your hotel guests are looking for more than just restaurant recommendations from the concierge—they want to be invited into a lobby where they can forget about their worries and have their needs addressed.


A work of art is a wonderful way to leave an indelible mark on every guest who visits your reception desk. Contact Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA to commission your hospitality sculpture today!


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