Bronze Bas-Reliefs from Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA

Bas-Reliefs in Atlanta, GA

When most people think of sculptures, they envision larger-than-life-size statues of chiseled bodies erected into the sky to commemorate legendary lives. Cherrylion Studios is happy to fulfill those expectations. However, we also have experience working with a more understated, nuanced technique called bas-relief.

Bas is French for low. Bas-reliefs feature subjects that protrude only slightly from their background as opposed to high relief sculptures. This subtle protuberance toes the line between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art, placing an emphasis on detail, precision, and perspective.

Bas-relief is a great method for memorializing a lost loved one or bringing new depth to your favorite portraits. Learn more about this age-old sculptural tradition and contact Cherrylion Studios to commission your own bas-relief in Atlanta, GA.

Low Relief – High Degree of Difficulty

Although bas-reliefs may lack the grandeur of traditional sculptures, they require painstaking attention to detail. Cherrylion Studios’ head sculptor, Martin Dawe, says bas-relief is “technically the most difficult kind of representational sculpture.”

In essence, a smaller protrusion of the subject means a smaller margin of error for the sculptor.

What a Relief: Experience You Can Trust at Cherrylion Studios

Bas-relief may be a highly refined technique, but you can count on Cherrylion Studios to manifest your masterpiece. Martin Dawe studied for 8 years under Julian H. Harris, the foremost relief sculptor in Georgia in the 2nd half of the 20th century. No matter your vision, we will craft a bas-relief that astounds you from every angle.

The Face of Change: Common Examples of Bas-Reliefs

While you may not be familiar with the phrase, bas-reliefs are a sculptural method we encounter on a daily basis. U.S. coins feature bas-reliefs of prominent presidents.

Coins are sculped at 7’’ to 14’’ in diameter and reduced to their wallet-friendly size for stamping. Even at this augmented scale, a bas-relief is only ¼’’ thick from the background to its highest point.

This detail-oriented approach isn’t just limited to pocket-sized currency. The famous frieze of the Parthenon in ancient Greece is another example of a bas-relief. Are you a baseball fan? Your favorite players are commemorated by bronze bas-reliefs at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

From pennies to priceless works of art, there’s a bas-relief for any occasion.

Contact Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA to Commission Your Bronze Bas-Relief Today

Bas-reliefs are a wonderful method of memorializing loved ones or rebuilding a family photo in bronze. But the possibilities don’t end there. Would you like to ornament your place of worship with a large-scale frieze? Cherrylion has a breadth of experience constructing liturgical reliefs.

No matter the application, bas-reliefs provide expressive portraits, emerging organically from their background. Contact Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, Georgia to commission your bronze bas-relief today!

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