Commission Custom Bronze Memorials in Atlanta, Georgia

Bronze Memorials in Atlanta, GA

There’s a reason why so many historical heroes are memorialized in bronze sculptures around the world. A sculpture can capture a person’s spirit, prolong their presence, and remind us why that person meant so much to us during his or her lifetime – and beyond.

Cherrylion Studios can work with you to encapsulate the impact a person had on those around them with our bronze memorials, custom-made for you in our Atlanta, Georgia, studio.

Whether you’d like to commission a life-sized sculpture of a local veteran, a bust of a beloved athlete, or a bas-relief of your grandmother, the professional artists at Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta will tirelessly work to create a bronze memorial that embodies who that person was and what they meant to the people they left behind.

A Lifetime Cast in a Single Image

There’s a story behind all the bronze memorials in Atlanta. Portraying that narrative in bronze is our job — and it’s a job we take very seriously. Before sculpting a single facial feature, we’ll meet with you face-to-face and get an idea of who the person being memorialized was, what they stood for, and how they’d like to be remembered.

It’s one thing to recreate a person’s likeness with photographic accuracy, it’s a far more daunting task to present their personality with authenticity in a bronze memorial.

“A sculpted portrait allows for interpretation, feeling and non-verbal communication. It’s like the difference between a well-drawn straight line and a straight line drawn with a ruler; the first has a character that the second lacks,” said Martin Dawe, sculptor and founder of Cherrylion Studios.

We’ll make sure those intimate details and minute expressions that made the person unique are present in your Atlanta bronze memorial.

Commission a Bronze Life-Sized Sculpture, Bust, or Bas-Relief for Your Memorial

Deciding the best way to memorialize someone is obviously a difficult decision, but we’re here to help. We have experience working with a variety of forms and know the advantages of each presentation.

Bronze Life-Sized Sculptures

Life-Sized Bronze Memorials in Atlanta, GA

Commissioning a life-sized bronze sculpture to memorialize someone is a grand gesture. While it comes with a lengthy timeline, a full-body statue is the best way to immortalize a person’s gravitas.

Bronze Busts Custom-Made for You

Bronze Busts in Altanta, GA

Comprised of a person’s head and shoulders, a bust places the focus squarely on the person’s facial features. With a bust, you get attention to detail and a life-like sense of grandeur.

Bronze Bas-Relief Work

Bas-Relief Memorials in Atlanta, GA

A Bas-relief is a type of sculptural relief where the subjects protrude only slightly from the background. (For example, a coin is a type of bas-relief. If you carry loose change, you could have bas-reliefs jangling around in your pocket right now.) These striking bronze portraits provide an expressive image of a person and are perfect in any setting, be it the center of a headstone or the wall of a museum.

No matter how you choose to memorialize someone, you can rest assured that Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta will perfectly capture their spirit in bronze.

Commission Your Bronze Memorial from Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA

The sadness of loss is a symptom of the joy a person brought to others. We take great pride in tending to that person’s memory and sculpting an authentic representation of their spirit. If you’re looking for bronze memorials in Atlanta, Georgia, you’ve come to the right place. A bronze memorial from Cherrylion Studios is more than just a commemoration, it’s the face of a loved one’s legacy. Contact us today to ease into the process of remembrance.


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