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Bronze Portraits in Atlanta, GA

It’s a brisk day. The leaves of Georgia Tech’s campus gently drift to the ground as students scuttle along in every direction. You notice, out of the corner of your eye, two women seated across from one another sharing a conversation. But the women’s mouths aren’t moving, and their bodies are made of metal. This stunning scene you’ve stumbled upon is in fact a sculpture depicting Rosa Parks at two very different stages of her life; one at 42, when she famously refused to give up her bus seat, the other at 92 years old, when she died. There is a third seat in the instillation inviting you to sit down and participate in this hypothetical dialogue. From your prized vantage point, you notice the expression on each woman’s face. You can imagine how each wrinkle formed over the years. You can tell, in young Rosa’s piercing stare, that there was and still is so much to fight for. And your placed square in the middle of the conversation.

Sculptor Martin Dawe brings new life to his subjects in bronze portraits like this one all over the Atlanta area. If you’re strolling through Piedmont Park, visiting the Atlanta food bank, or just going to church, you could walk right by a piece from Cherrylion Studios. You’ll know it when you see it, it will have the personality of a living being with the permanence of a statue. Whether you want to honor a loved one, commemorate a community figure, or give your hotel lobby a sense of grandeur, a bronze portrait from Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta will turn heads and immortalize memories!

Rosa Parks portrait sculpture at Georgia Tech Continuing the Conversation.

A Visionary You Can Depend On

We all have an image in our heads of a scatter-brained artist; clay-splattered cardigan, disheveled hair, hindered in their creative process by the very eccentricity that drove them to create in the first place. This is not the person you want to place your trust in when commissioning a life-sized bronze portrait in Atlanta.

With over 40 years in the industry, Cherrylion Studios has sculpted our reputation of reliability by adhering to deadlines and staying within the budget of a given project. Most importantly, Dawe prides himself on his ability to work with his clients and fulfill their desires.

“Forty years of collaborative work has taught me how to listen and understand subtle, below-the-surface issues the client may have. Being good at the process and then finding creative ways to achieve the end result is a major goal for me,” Dawe says.


The greatest gift a sculptor can give a client is the physical manifestation of their vision. At Cherrylion Studios, we make it our mission to bring your highest expectations to life!

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The past may be set in stone, but the future is cast in bronze. Whether you want to commission a bronze portrait sculpture for a cemetery in Charlotte, a museum in Nashville, or a school right here in Atlanta, Georgia, Cherrylion Studios is ready to bring a bronze portrait out of your imagination and into the idyllic setting of your dreams. Contact us today to get the creative process started.


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