Bronze Sculptures in Birmingham, AL from Cherrylion Studios

Bronze Sculptures in Birmingham, AL

Whether it’s a public park or private residence, our bronze sculptures have a way of turning heads wherever they call home. If you’d like to commission a bronze bas-relief or life-size statue in Birmingham, AL, you’re in luck! Cherrylion Studios is just a short drive away in Atlanta, GA and can handle all aspects of your custom sculpture’s creation, from design to installation. We love scattering our sculptures across the map and can’t wait to bring your fine art wishes to fruition.

Life-Size Statues, Wildlife Sculptures, Bronze Memorials, and More

No matter the sculpture you have in mind, Cherrylion Studios can mold your imagination into existence. Our head sculptor, Martin Dawe, has a breadth of experience sculpting bronze bas-reliefs, figurative sculptures, busts, and beyond. Want a bronze memorial to honor a Birmingham hero? We can sculpt it. Imagining a marble-composite fountain in your local park? We can sculpt it. If you’ve had an idea for a sculpture sitting in the back of your brain, Cherrylion is here to make it a reality. Check out our portfolio to see the custom bronze sculptures we’ve made over our 25+ years in business.

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Hospitality Sculptures for Your Hotel in Birmingham, AL

If you own or manage a hotel in the Birmingham area, you may be wondering how to fill more rooms and give your guests a memorable stay. An eye-catching piece of art in your hotel lobby is a great way to welcome people in. From metal-composite wall installations to bronze figures, Cherrylion has created hospitality sculptures for hotels across the country. Take a look at some of our work to see how we can customize your concierge experience.

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How to Commission a Custom Sculpture in Birmingham, AL

While creating bronze sculptures is a labor-intensive endeavor, Cherrylion Studios strives to make the process of commissioning a sculpture as easy as possible. If you’d like to commission a piece, we will first discuss the sculpture you’re envisioning.

We’ll then start sketching ideas and create a small-scale clay maquette for you to consider. We can even photoshop the image of this mock-up into the actual venue where the bronze sculpture will stand, so you’ll have a vivid idea of how the final piece will appear.

Once these initial renderings meet your approval, we’ll move forward with your sculpture’s construction and keep you updated every step of the way. This thorough, collaborative process ensures our clients get a sculpture that represents the best of their imagination.

Cherrylion will handle all aspects of your sculpture’s installation in Alabama so all you’ll have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the unveiling. Our job is to cater to your creation and complete a bronze sculpture for all of Birmingham to behold.

Commission a Custom Bronze Sculpture in Birmingham, Alabama from Cherrylion Studios

Have an idea for a bronze memorial, bas-relief, or interactive sculpture wedged in the back of your mind? Cherrylion Studios is here to extract your masterpiece and place it on display in Birmingham, Alabama. Contact us to commission your custom bronze sculpture today!

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