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Sculptures in Louisville, KY

At Cherrylion Studios, we like to think of the world as a giant art gallery. Near or far, we are delighted to deliver our custom bronze sculptures wherever they are destined to be displayed. If you have been searching for a fine art piece in Louisville, KY, look no further! Learn more about our creative process and contact us today to commission your masterpiece.

Custom Statues, Bas-Reliefs, Memorials, and More

When you commission a custom sculpture, you want a piece that reflects your every desire down to the smallest detail. Our head sculptor, Martin Dawe, has over 4 decades of experience working on commission, so you can count on Cherrylion to manifest your vision. Want a life-size bronze statue to honor a local Louisville hero like Muhammad Ali? We have sculpted a plethora of prominent historical figures. Looking for a bronze bas-relief to display in your school, park, or municipal building? Our portfolio is full of relief sculptures displayed in a variety of settings. No matter the sculpture you are envisioning, Cherrylion Studios is eager to bring it to life in the Bluegrass State.

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How to Commission a Sculpture in Kentucky

Our sculpture studio has been built with collaboration as its corner stone. Each commission we receive is the chance to work with someone new and create a one-of-a-kind work of art that would not exist without the inspiration of our clients. With this in mind, our creative process begins as a discussion of your vision, allowing us to draw up sketches for your approval.

After the two-dimensional rendering is up to your standards, Cherrylion will construct a small-scale clay maquette of the final sculpture. As soon as you are 100% satisfied with this model, we will begin work on the full-sized clay sculpture before having the piece cast in bronze.

Even with long-distance commissions in Louisville, KY, Cherrylion Studios can handle all aspects of your custom sculptures installation, ensuring a hassle-free process from start to finish. In 8 to 12 months you will have a custom statue that honors your expectations and exceeds your original vision.

Sculptures For Sale Online from Cherrylion Studios

Cherrylion Studios also offers sculptures for sale directly from our Atlanta, GA studio. These fine art pieces are available to be cast in bronze, metal composite, or marble composite and can be shipped to Louisville, KY in as little as 6 weeks! Check out our current selection to see if a certain piece catches your eye.

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Contact Cherrylion Studios to Commission a Sculpture in Louisville, KY

If you have any questions about our bronze sculptures or are ready to commission your own custom statue, feel free to contact us. From Lexington to Louisville, Cherrylion Studios is always happy to start new partnerships with clients all over the country and beyond. We look forward to hearing what you have in mind!

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  • Would you be inerested in selling a Lanceray sculpture of the 3
    Cossack horseback soldiers drinking water at the Danube. I have
    pictures I can send you. I purchased it decades ago and it’s been
    a focal point of my law office reception room. We’ve moved our
    offices and the time’s come to “say Goodbye” to my favorite.
    Please advise.

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