In remembrance of their beloved boxer, Cochise, Martin Dawe was contacted by a couple in New Jersey for a bronze sculpture to be fabricated. While Cherrylion is an art studio in Atlanta, Georgia, that doesn’t stop them from making work for people all around the states. After the initial correspondence, Martin got right to work sculpting Cochise from reference photos sent by the client.

Life-size bronze, private client 2022.

Cochise, life-size bronze, private client 2022

The process starts with clay and ends in a beautiful patinaed bronze, but how? Many images are sent back and forth between the client and Martin to ensure the likeness is grasped in the piece. After the client confirms they like the sculpture, that’s when our master mold maker Alex Hunley works his magic. By taking the sculpture and coating it a few layers of rubber and finishing it off with a plaster mother mold for stability, the sculpture was now ready to be sent off to the foundry. They then cast the bonze and sent it back to Cherrylion for it to be mounted. The client chose a marble base; both the base and sculpture were bound carefully to ensure the marble stayed intact. Now Cochise lives in the client’s home with their many boxers.

If you would like to honor a pet or someone in your life with a sculpture, feel free to reach out to Cherrylion with your inquiry!

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