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Site Sculptures in the Southern United States

Much like real estate, the location where a sculpture is placed plays a big role in how that piece is designed and constructed. At Cherrylion Studios, we try to foster a symbiotic relationship between venue and artwork to create bronze sculptures that take on new meaning from their surroundings. From Orlando to Istanbul, we’ve sculpted pieces to fit locations around the world. Take a look at some of our site-specific installations in our global gallery.

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Drawing Inspiration from a Bronze Sculpture’s Location

Whether it’s a marble statue in Raleigh, NC or a bronze bas-relief in Birmingham, AL, the venue in which a piece is displayed can be a defining characteristic of the sculpture itself. Our head sculptor, Martin Dawe, gets new ideas from wherever a piece is commissioned. Rather than creating custom sculptures that are dependent on their location, he sculpts pieces that share an interaction with their environment.

Custom Sculptures that Embody the Values of Their Venues

Each time Cherrylion Studios is commissioned to create a custom sculpture, we begin a partnership with that person, place, or institution. This means there is a mission statement or narrative behind every site-specific sculpture we create. It’s our job to capture the essence of the area in which the sculpture is set to stand.

Sculpture Relief for the Fulton County Juvenile Court in Atlanta, GA

Equilibrium, a piece commissioned as a part of the Fulton County Arts Council’s Art in Public Places, is a sculptural relief heavily predicated on its location. Martin Dawe drew inspiration from the juvenile court’s mission of restoring balance in young peoples’ lives.

Dawe took this one word and ran with it, creating 158 reliefs arranged in an abstract pattern on one wall of the facility. On the opposing wall, the same reliefs were configured into two children dancing as a symbol of the impact the court can have on the city’s youth. This sort of dialogue between place and piece is what Cherrylion strives for with every site-specific sculpture we create.

How Cherrylion Studios Creates Site-Specific Sculptures

When you commission a sculpture from Cherrylion Studios, we will first get an idea of the space in which your final bronze sculpture will stand. Once we have a sense of how the piece and the place will interact, Martin Dawe will begin sketching his ideas for the sculpture before constructing a small-scale maquette. We will even photoshop an image of this scaled-down sculpture into the final location for you to get an accurate idea of the final product.

Once this meets your approval, Cherrylion will begin constructing the bronze sculpture and will handle all aspects of installation. We’re here in Atlanta, GA to make the creative process as pain-free and collaborative as possible!

A Custom Bronze Sculpture Wherever You’d Like

While we’re based in Atlanta, Cherrylion Studios has installed sculptures all over the country and even the world. From Savannah, GA to Houston, TX, you can count on our team to install your sculpture wherever it’s destined to be displayed. No budget, deadline, or distance will stop us from sculpting the piece you’ve always dreamed of.

Commission Your Site-Specific Sculpture from Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA

Want a life-size bronze sculpture for a museum in Birmingham, Alabama? Maybe a marble statue for a library in Charlotte, North Carolina? Whatever the commission may be, Cherrylion Studios gets endless inspiration from our clients and the locations they represent. Contact us today to commission your own site-specific sculpture. We can’t wait to make what you have in mind!

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