How to Commission a Bronze Sculpture from Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA

How to Commision a Bronze Sculpture in Atlanta, GA

Have you been thinking about commissioning a bronze sculpture for your hotel lobby, museum atrium, or school courtyard? Most people don’t know how to get started commissioning a bronze sculpture. You may think a full-sized metal sculpture would be a daunting creation to take on. But the experts at Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, are here to bring the bronze sculpture out of your imagination and into the world where it belongs!

It’s Not About Us – It’s About Your Sculpture

With over four decades of experience working by commission, our head sculptor Martin Dawe has a knack for communicating with clients. It’s not just about the product — it’s about the process. Before we even touch our materials, we’ll meet with you in the space where the sculpture is set to stand and get a sense of how the piece and the venue will interact as one sensory experience.

Once we have an initial idea for the project, we’ll start making sketches and ensure they meet your approval. After you’re happy with a two-dimensional rendering of the sculpture you’ve commissioned, we’ll get to work on a small-scale maquette. Once the maquette is completed, it will be photoshopped into an image of the actual space where the sculpture will stand. This image will be sent to you for approval.

This collaborative process ensures you’ve commissioned a bronze sculpture that will live up to your expectations and inspires us to come up with new ways to fulfill your artistic vision.

We’ll Meet Your Deadline – and Your Bottomline – Every Time

You might be thinking that the back-and-forth process of approval could lead to a lot of delays and ultimately a long sculpting process. However, when you commission a bronze sculpture from Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, you’re commissioning our word that your sculpture will be completed by the deadline we set at the beginning of the process.

The timeline you can expect for large-scale sculptures is typically between 8 and 12 months. (4-5 months of that timeframe will be spent making the mold of the sculpture and casting the final piece at the foundry.)

No matter the size or scale of the bronze sculpture you’re commissioning from our Atlanta studio, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a piece that meets your deadline and exceeds your expectations.

Our extensive experience working by commission also means we’re comfortable sculpting within a budget. Once we’re fully acclimated with the bronze sculpture you’re commissioning, we’ll give you an accurate estimate of the total cost of the project. You should know what to expect from us and be blown away by the final product.

Commission Your Bronze Sculpture from Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA

A life-sized bronze sculpture shouldn’t take a lifetime to create. Cherrylion Studios will handle every step of the process, from design and production to installation, to take the hassle out of what should be a beautiful, collaborative process. We’ll include you in that process so that your vision comes to life in the timeframe and budget that you expect.

When you commission a bronze sculpture from Cherrylion Studios, you become a founding partner for a timeless piece of art. Contact us today to begin that partnership!

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    Do you do works for other cities in Georgia? I am a
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    Valdosta and we are interested in a bronze piece
    depicting the underground railroad. This would be an
    outdoor large piece.

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