Each Custom Sculpture Presents Unique Challenges at Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA

Custom Statues in Atlanta, GA

One of the great joys of working in a professional sculpture studio is being tasked with solving new problems every day. Whether we are working on a bronze bas-relief, wildlife sculpture, or metal-composite statue; that piece may present a challenge Cherrylion Studios has never faced before. Learn about some of the obstacles we have overcome in past commissions and contact us today to bring a new roadblock of clay to our studio in Atlanta, GA!

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The Terminus of Fine Art and Engineering: Landing Gear in Atlanta, GA

Every 3D artist has to account for is structural integrity. Getting 3,500 pounds of clay to stand upright on a 5-inch platform is as much a feat of engineering as it is fine art. That is exactly what Cherrylion Studios had to do with Landing Gear. The finished cast is a stainless steel sculpture on display in the heart of Buckhead.

This unique figurative sculpture features a pose in which the form is placing all of its weight on a single hand. As a two-times-life-sized statue, this places an inordinate amount of strain on crucial welds to keep the structure upright. Our head sculptor, Martin Dawe, actually consulted with expert engineers to ensure the piece would hold up in Atlanta’s elements.

The original clay sculpture was bolstered by a multi-layered framework of welded steel, metal laths, and hung wire. The clay figure’s legs had to be removed from the original to be molded separately. The final stainless steel cast was installed over specially engineered hardware with the help of a crane. Gravity-challenging sculptures like this donate come out of our studio every day, but Cherrylion always welcomes the opportunity to expand our realm of possibilities.

Maintaining the Medium: Sculpting with Clay at Cherrylion Studios

Having complete control over the materials you are using is a vital element of sculpture. Cherrylion Studios creates statues that are cast in bronze, aluminum, marble composite and more, but all of our work makes use of clay. Controlling the moisture level of the clay is key as it becomes less malleable throughout the drying process. Knowing which aspects of a given sculpture should be constructed with moist clay and which should utilize drier clay can not only impact the piece’s texture and finish, but its fundamental form. With over 40 years as a professional sculptor in Atlanta, GA, Martin Dawe has refined his technique to ensure every sculpture we create overcomes the challenges it presents.

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Think of it like our Sunday crossword puzzle. Every time Cherrylion Studios is commissioned to create a custom sculpture, it is a new hurdle we get to learn how to hop over. Contact us today to commission a custom bronze statue, bas-relief, or hospitality sculpture in Atlanta, GA. We cannot wait to get to work!

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