Emory Midtown : Winship Cancer Institute’s Double Helix

May 2nd 2023 the new Winship Cancer Institute located in Atlanta’s Emery Midtown held its ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the newly installed Double Helix sculpture. Martin Dawe of Cherrylion Studios was contacted for the fabrication of the fantastical 37-foot-tall Double Helix.

This location is the 12th Winship location Emory has opened for cancer care and research; Winship has some of the best care available for their patients as the design of this hospital is centered around it’s elite quality of care. Emory invested its’ time into creating an environment that focuses on the ease of the patient; The buildings’ location is prime as its next to a major highway, the windows design brings more natural light to those within increasing the positive environment of its’ spaces, and the avant-garde patient care style ensures the patient’s comfort as they no longer need to move room to room for care, the care moves to them. To learn more of this amazing of this patient care facility, click here!

Martin Dawe along with the inspiration from the architects and metal fabricator Andrew Crawford created the Double Helix for the Winship Cancer institute. Andrew Crawford is a local metal smith that Martin has been working with for over 20 years; his work can be seen here. Made with brushed aluminum on the 18’’ by 12’’ metal beams, this sculptural cantilever is based on how DNA strands are structured; Beautifully sculpted and elegantly intertwined, parallel to one another this sculpture shares a resemblance to the sequence of information that helps Oncology professionals read and discover possible genetic predispositions to cancer.

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