Martin Dawe “A Sculptor’s Style” Tailored to Your Needs in Atlanta, GA

Martin Dawe - Professional Sculptor in Atlanta, GA

When you look at a work of art, it is natural to view it as the singular vision of a master craftsmen. However, that is not always the case. Our head sculptor, Martin Dawe, approaches the creative process as a collaboration between artist and client; two different perspectives coming together to create one sculpture that could not exist otherwise. When you commission a custom bronze sculpture from Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA, you get our expertise applied to your vision.

An Experienced Artist Commissioning Inspiration from Others

Martin Dawe has spent nearly a half-century with his hands in clay. Throughout this time, he has turned to others for inspiration. When someone commissions a custom sculpture, they bring their own lifetime of experiences to our studio in Atlanta, GA. Martin finds great joy in drawing from that fresh perspective, creating a one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture that reflects this collaboration. The most rewarding part of our job is sculpting our clients’ vision into existence!

Attention to Detail Developed Over Time

If you look at an unfinished sculpture long enough, you may start to notice imperfections. If you look at unfinished sculptures for 40 years, you will become incredibly sensitive to infinitesimal errors. Martin describes this attunement to detail as “spatial tolerance,” a perception of flaws and nuances that increases over time. Cherrylion Studios employs this heightened sensitivity to ensure our sculptures depict an authentic representation of their subjects.

Acting on Instinct to Create Custom Bronze Sculptures in Atlanta, GA

While he studied at Boston University School of Fine Arts and received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Georgia State University, Martin describes his process as “80% intuition, 20% intellect”. This go-with-your-gut approach allows him to sculpt pieces that are not just life-like; they have got personality. You have to trust your artistic instincts to create bronze portraits that honor the image of the people they portray.

Bas-Reliefs, Bronze Portraits, Hospitality Sculptures, and More

No matter what you are envisioning for your piece, Cherrylion Studios will work with you to create a custom sculpture that catches your eye and captivates the venue in which it stands. Martin Dawe has created a vast and varied catalogue of artwork, from bas-reliefs to life-sized statues. We also have experience working with different materials, including bronze, granite, metal composite, and more. Whatever your imagination holds, we are here to make it happen!

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How to Commission a Sculpture from Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta

Cherrylion Studios strives to make the process of commissioning a sculpture as stress-free and collaborative as possible. We will first meet or speak on the phone to discuss your idea for the piece you are commissioning. From there, we will draft sketches of the proposed sculpture and make sure they meet your approval.

We will then sculpt a small-scale maquette to give you a sense of what the finished sculpture will look like. Once you are happy with the maquette, we will begin construction on the sculpture! This thorough process ensures you will get a custom bronze sculpture that reflects your vision and exceeds your expectations.

Contact Cherrylion Studios for Bronze Sculptures and More in Atlanta, GA Today

If you would like to commission a custom bronze sculpture from Cherrylion Studios, we are ready to hear what you have in mind. Even after 40 years of sculpture commissions, Martin Dawe finds new inspiration in every block of clay. Contact us to get the creative process started today!

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