The Story Behind the Bronze: Sculpting Atlanta Falcons’ Owner, Arthur Blank

Sports Statues in Atlanta, GA

Through all the grit and bravado, sports exemplify poetry in motion. Making a sculpture to capture that kinetic energy in a single pose can be a difficult feat. But Cherrylion is up for the challenge! With football season in full swing, we’re revisiting our sculpture of Atlanta Falcons’ Owner, Arthur Blank, and other sport-inspired pieces we’ve sculpted over the years. If you’d like to commission a custom statue or trophy, we invite you to contact us today. We’d be honored to sculpt your favorite player or past time.

How the Arthur Blank Sculpture Was Commissioned in Sea Island, Georgia

While any sculpture of a recognizable figure presents a challenge, our Arthur Blank sculpture has a particularly interesting origin story. The custom statue was actually commissioned by a group of Blank’s high school friends as a subtle inside joke. According to his buddies, Mr. Blank isn’t the best golfer in the group, despite the level of focus he exhibits while lining up a putt. Cherrylion’s depiction of the Falcons’ owner now commemorates their annual golf outing in Sea Island, GA. No matter what the score card says, the sculpture tells its own side of the story.

The Naismith Award Trophy and Other Athletic Sculptures by Cherrylion Studios

Cherrylion Studios’ sports-related sculptures aren’t limited to golf and the grid iron. In fact, our head sculptor, Martin Dawe, made the Naismith Award Trophy, given to the best men’s college basketball player in the nation each year. Dawe was also commissioned to make the World Athlete’s Monument here in Atlanta, GA for the 1996 Olympic Games.

You don’t need Olympic levels of notoriety to commission a trophy from Cherrylion Studios either. We’ve made athletic statues for Buckhead Baseball and Medlock Park in Decatur, GA. Whether you’re a high school athletic director or NCAA chairman, Cherrylion would be happy to bring an artistic element to your program.

Wildlife Sculptures Bring New Meaning to Mascots

Athletic sculptures aren’t only for athletes. Having a life-size sculpture of your team mascot in your home stadium is a great way to welcome your fans into a venue. Cherrylion Studios sculpted an aluminum-feathered falcon for the Georgia Dome in 2005. From high school football to Major League Soccer, A bronze wildlife sculpture can embody the fierce competitive spirit of your team and galvanize the crowd as they gather for the game.

Commission a Custom Trophy or Statue from Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta, GA

A bronze sculpture is the natural place for art and athletics to collide. Timeless, imposing, and graceful, a trophy or statue from Cherrylion Studios is a fitting way to commemorate a career, season, or iconic play. Even if he missed the putt, we hope our sculpture of Arthur Blank inspires a chuckle amongst his golfing buddies every year. Contact us today to have your own athletic glory brought to life in bronze!

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