Seven Deadly Sins

4’ x 4’ bronze reliefs, Nashville, TN 2023.

Pride, wrath, envy, list, gluttony, sloth and greed; what do these things have in common? Maybe it’s your local attorneys at law in Nashville, Tennessee! Hayes Thomas Law, while expanding their practice and building space, commissioned Cherrylion Studio’s Martin Dawe to create these seven large scale, bronze reliefs of the seven deadly sins. 

After the client and Martin got the initial draft confirmed, Cherrylion got to work. Boards were fabricated to be hung on the walls of Martin’s studio so all seven sins could be worked on simultaneously. Each piece had hours of attention and detail etched into the reliefs, and once the client signs off on the product, the sins are turned over to Cherrylion’s mold making department. From there, the reliefs are molded in rubber and plaster then sent off to the foundry for the bronze casting process. Finally, the work is shipped to the installation site to be mounted.

Martin Dawe said this was one of the coolest and most fun projects he has done; not only did he enjoy working with the client, but the subject matter was extremely interesting. This project really highlights the amazing things Cherrylion and their clients can achieve.

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