We are Moving!

Many great years and projects have come from our current studio. I know many of our returning students have grown comfortable in the space as well, but it is time, we are moving. Don’t worry, we aren’t moving far. For quite some time, moving has been in the works for Cherrylion’s future. While we have been at this location for over 22 years, the time is slowly approaching for us to devise a change. 

Where is the new studio?

Well it’s so close by that it feels like it’s right in our back yard… because it is! To enter the new building, it is just one street over from our current resident on Morris Street. Now, 892 Bowen Street Atlanta, GA, 30318 will house our new studio home. If you are driving in from the direction of the highway, it is one street closer than our current location.

We are still in the works of building and moving into the new space, but we are estimating that we will be in the new studio in time for spring classes. 

Keep checking back in for photo updates of our new building and its progress!

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