Wildlife Sculptures in Atlanta, GA from Cherrylion Studios

Wildlife Sculptures in Atlanta, GA

While a pet lion sounds pretty good on paper, it’s not really all that practical to have the king of the jungle prowling around your property. A wildlife sculpture from Cherrylion Studios will capture the essence of your favorite animal without posing a threat to the ecosystem in Atlanta, GA. Check out some of our wildlife work and contact us today to commission your own bronze animal sculpture!

Cherrylions, and Tigers, and Bears, We’ve Sculpted a Range of Wildlife

Cherrylion Studios has sculpted a veritable Noah’s arch of animals. Want a wall-mounted horse head for your lodge? Perhaps a bronze lion to make your hotel lobby more regal? Maybe you just want an aluminum composite replica of your favorite family pet. Whatever the animal, Cherrylion Studios will construct a wildlife sculpture tailored to your desires.

Taming the Wild in Any Style, From Abstract to Figurative

From hyper-realistic dogs to rusted-metal abstractions of prized bulls, Cherrylions Studios is adept at sculpting wildlife in a variety of styles. If you want a bronze sculpture of your cat that looks so life-like you’re waiting for it to meow, we can sculpt it. From feathers to fur, you can count on Cherrylion Studios to create a custom animal sculpture that answers the call of the wild.

How to Commission Your Wildlife Sculpture in Atlanta, GA

With over 40 years of experience working by commission, our head sculptor, Martin Dawe is an expert at working collaboratively with clients to ensure their mind’s eye is manifested in the final sculpture. If you’d like to commission a custom wildlife sculpture, we will first discuss every detail of the piece you’re envisioning.

From there, we will craft sketches of the prospective sculpture for your approval. We will then construct a clay maquette to give you a clear idea of what the final sculpture will look like. Once this is sculpted to your liking, we will move forward with the construction of your wildlife sculpture, keeping you updated every step of the way.

Cherrylion Studios takes great pride in our ability to work with our clients’ wishes, ensuring you get a custom wildlife sculpture that mirrors your imagination while surpassing your expectations.

Contact Cherrylion Studios to Commission Your Atlanta Wildlife Sculpture

Wildlife sculptures grant an organic sense of grandeur in a variety of settings. Whether you want a bronze sculpture of your college mascot for the campus green or an aluminum composite of an eagle for your public park, we can create it for you.

Our wildlife sculptures don’t bark, bite, or shed; they simply capture nature’s beauty in bronze. Contact us today to commission your custom wildlife sculpture in Atlanta, GA!

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