Bronze Statues in Jacksonville, FL from Cherrylion Studios

Bronze Statues in Jacksonville, FL

Cherrylion Studios will never let distance deter us from creating custom sculptures wherever our clients desire. While our professional sculpture studio is nestled in the heart of Atlanta, GA, we’re happy to install bronze statues across the country. Looking for a custom sculpture or bas-relief in Jacksonville, FL? We’d be thrilled to install one of our pieces down in Duval county. Learn more about our creative process below and contact us to start a cross-state collaboration!

How to Commission a Custom Sculpture in Jacksonville, FL

Every custom statue Cherrylion Studios sculpts begins as an idea from one of our clients. Have a concept you’re eager to bring to life in bronze? We’ll first discuss your vision and draw up some sketches for you to get an idea of how the final piece will appear.

After these renderings meet your approval, Cherrylion will make a small-scale clay maquette so that you know exactly what to expect from the finished bronze statue. Once this iteration lives up to your standards, we will begin constructing the full-size sculpture out of clay over a steel armature, keeping you updated every step of the journey. There are no guessing games at Cherrylion Studios, just a collaborative process that ensures you’ll be blown away by what we create together.

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Bronze Bas-Reliefs, Life-Size Statues, Wildlife Sculptures, and More

In over 40 years as a professional artist, our head sculptor, Martin Dawe has created a breadth of work utilizing a variety of materials, forms, and techniques. Want a ferocious feline to celebrate the Jacksonville Jaguars? Cherrylion has crafted a diverse ecosystem of wildlife sculptures. Looking for a life-size bronze statue or memorial to commemorate a fallen Florida hero? We’re always honored to capture an individual’s likeness with the everlasting impact of a bronze sculpture. Check out our entire portfolio online to see Cherrylion Studios’ bronze body of work.

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Commission a Hospitality Sculpture for Your Hotel in Jacksonville, FL

With so many beach-goers flocking to Florida’s picturesque coastlines, it can be difficult for hotels to separate themselves from the pack. A head-turning hospitality sculpture from Cherrylion Studios will make sure your lobby leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Keep that revolving door spinning and take a look at our collection of custom hotel installations.

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Contact Cherrylion Studios to Commission Your Bronze Statue in Jacksonville, FL

Each time our phone rings we know there’ a chance it could be the beginning of a brand-new bronze statue. If you’d like to bring a custom sculpture to Jacksonville, FL, we encourage you to contact Cherrylion Studios today. Whether you just have a few questions or are ready to roll out the clay, we look forward to hearing what you have in mind!

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  • Josiah Singletary says:

    Does this company do statues of eagles that are
    made of metal that is silver?

    • Martin Dawe says:

      Hello! Thank you for your question. In terms of sculptures, we can sculpt most anything! We mostly work with Bronze and Resin Composite Metals, but if you email us with your inquiry at (or use the “contact” form on our website) we can go into further detail about your options and pricing. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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